Summer 2018 Blog: Post 1

Fairies Spotted on Lower Loop!

June has officially kicked off and summer is starting to arrive in Crested Butte. Many local trails are in summer condition and snow is melting away fast in the high country. Believe it or not, we are also starting to see our first blooms along the trails and roadsides in Crested Butte! Once again, the vibrant colors of lupines, glacier lilies, red columbines, and mule’s ears are beginning to cover the hillsides and prove to Colorado once again why Crested Butte is the official Wildflower Capital of the state. Additionally, local fauna is beginning to make its appearance after a long winter of hibernation and migration. Foxes, deer, and even an occasional black bear have been routinely spotted on Crested Butte trails! The natural beauty surrounding CB is moving closer to its peak, and should be in full swing by the beginning of July.

There is quite possibly no better way to experience the natural wonders of Crested Butte than hiking along one of the hundreds of miles of trails. Lower Loop is just one of these trails, but it is one of the most popular in the area, and for good reason; the views of the Elk Mountains looming above the Slate River Valley are enough to take anyone’s breath away (in case the altitude wasn’t doing that already). The trail winds along the Slate River, passing through grassy valleys, aspen forests, and through colorful fields of wildflowers.



This year, Lower Loop is providing some of the best wildflower viewing in all of Crested Butte. In addition to the multitude of lupines, bluebells and columbines, the elusive Fairy Slipper Orchid has made her appearance along this trail as well! These small blooms are easy to miss, but an astute observer will definitely notice the pinks and yellows of this delicate flower among the endless summer greens. It goes without saying that Crested Butte is a magical place, and having fairies in our backyard is certainly the cherry on top!

These early blooms are just the beginning of what’s looking to be a wonderful year for wildflower viewing. The coming weeks will tell what rare and beautiful flowers will bloom next in Crested Butte. Mark your calendars! The 2018 festival starts in less than one month, and we would love to have you here to enjoy the magic.






Katie Lyons

Our 2018 Customer Care Specialist, avid trail runner, and wildflower enthusiast!