About the 2017 Poster Artist

About the 2017 Poster Artist

CBWF – Tell us about your Crested Butte connection? What brought you here? Where did you grow up?

DCI grew up in Savannah Georgia, I moved to Colorado to attend graduate school
for painting at CSU. I met Shaun Horne and started painting outdoors, after I graduated I wanted to live in a ski town. Shaun had already lived in Crested Butte and thought it would be a wonderful place to ski and paint, and it has been!

CBWF – Tell us about your experience becoming an “artist”? Any cool experiences to share with other, perhaps “budding” artists?

DC – The life experience so far has had its ups and downs. The main security I have as an artist is that I love my time while I am painting. I always feel motivated to make another painting better than the one before. The financial side of being an artist is a rocky road, I try to stay focused and believe that all the time and love I put into my passion will eventually pay.

CBWF – You won the 2008 poster contest and that was a very popular poster. How have you grown as an artist since then?

DCI have been painting full time since 2008. So, my ability to
describe landscape with paint has gotten stronger. With descriptive painting your skill is tied closely to your level of practice, and I see that in my own work.

CBWF – Tell us about your family, your passions, your job/work, hobbies?

DC – I have 3 beautiful daughters that I am very proud of. Linda age 15, and Essie age 13, are very accomplished musicians. I have always hoped that by watching Shaun and I work hard, practice, and a lot of joy and laughter would inspire them to become great at what they love to do. Monet, age 3, is a complete delight. She was a surprise to our family but an amazing spirit and a charming addition. My main hobby is dancing, I danced a lot growing up and I have a strong connection with music. I listen to music while I paint, with my family, and I enjoy moving to music.

CBWF – Anything else you’d like to share?

DC – The wild flowers in Crested Butte are the most
inspiring subject for me to paint. Every summer I love running around the town and the
mountains in search of the most color and flowers! It is an endless discovery and I am so proud to represent this for the wildflower festival poster, Thank-You!!!